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WWDC is a favourite week for iOS Developers which brings huge advancements to APIs used by them in regular life. Apple also released beta versions of iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS and MacOS

But the advancements is for a year not just for one week. The sessions came online this week. That doesn't mean we have to be confident on all advancements. Anyhow, there is good time to upgrade your app with these advancements.

Plan Of Action

It is not bad having some plan or schedule.

Swift Concurrency

Before WWDC I re-visited all the basics and especially Dispatch Queues, closures and Combine. Concurrency in swift got huge advancement this year. Async await changed the complete picture. So my starting point is to learn about concurrency.

Session : Swift concurrency: Update sample App


I like declarative programming. I have never tried to make my app accessible. But after seeing developer spotlight on accessibility in WWDC, I am adding it to my plan. Of course not only accessibility, Core Data, concurrency and localisation sessions are on my list.

CoreData with CloudKit

I am already using NSPersistentCloudKitContainer in my iOS App. So I am going to watch session on sharing the core data with cloudkit.

Session : Build Apps that share data through core data and cloud kit

Create ML

Machine Learning is my favourite. I always try to incorporate Machine Learning in my App to enhance user experience. This year CreateML is coming to development i.e., we can build custom models right from the device.

session: Build With CreateML framework

Xcode cloud

I develop my apps individually. I don’t have a team right now. But I like the improvements brought to XCode. I am eager to check out “Explore XCode essentials”.

Apart from these I wish I could watch sessions on Screen Time, capturing 3d models, Quick Note and share play APIs. But the above plan is my priority.

The plan is just to show that “Concentrate on What’s really mater to you”. We definitely need to be aware of improvements and try using them. But we must be aware of some advancements that we use daily like Concurrency advancements.

Balancing professional life and watching sessions may take time. No problem, because end users will have iOS 15 only after long time(2–3 months).

BTW, Xcode beta can be used on Mac with 11.3 and above. So give it a try and it’s definitely worth.

Happy Development..

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