Record Video and GIF from Simulator in Xcode

With the release of Xcode 12.5(12E262), many new features rolled out. We will focus on an option to record video and GIF from simulator.

Previously there was workaround to record a video. But now you can do that directly from simulator.

Steps to record a video

  1. Run the code and launch the simulator.
  2. Select record screen from “File” in menu bar or press “ command + r”
  3. Recording session starts after the second step

4. Once you are done, Click on the record (red square inside white circle) button. Then recording video will be stopped and preview will appear.

5. After dismissing the preview, video will apear in Desktop.

Steps to record GIF

Follow the steps to record video from 1 to 4

When preview appeared, right-click on it to see the options as follows

Select “Save as Animated GIF” and the GIF will appear on Desktop.

For GIF, there are some preferences we can make changes. Open Preferences of simulator to see as follows

From here you can select between different Sizes and option to optimize GIFs for small size.

Happy Coding::))

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