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  • David Piper

    David Piper

    Working as an iOS and Android dev.

  • Josh Taylor

    Josh Taylor

    I am a specialist in producing insights through advanced analytics, machine learning and visualisation. https://www.linkedin.com/in/josh-taylor-24806975/

  • Nils


    tech enthusiast | management consultant | part-time entrepreneur

  • Ane Berasategi

    Ane Berasategi

    Computerlinguistics master student trying to keep up with my reading list and an intermediate hipster. ane.bz

  • Andreas Maier

    Andreas Maier

    I do research in Machine Learning. My positions include being Prof @FAU_Germany, President @DataDonors, and Board Member for Science & Technology @TimeMachineEU

  • iOS Tech Set

    iOS Tech Set

    Share iOS dev tips and knowledge

  • The Pragmatic Programmers

    The Pragmatic Programmers

    We create timely, practical books and learning resources on classic and cutting-edge topics to help you practice your craft and accelerate your career.

  • Eric Yang

    Eric Yang

    Senior iOS engineeršŸš€, double degrees with Computer Scienceāš”Content writer? Why not!šŸš€

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