Handling date and time efficiently in App Development is very important. Popular Apps like Twitter, WhatsApp or Instagram uses date and time formatting along with many other operating functions to convey information efficently.

From basic operating functions to very much needed formatting functions, we will recollect everything.

Adding n moments to present day

This article contains complete flow of handling Documents from picking to previewing with SwiftUI. This is kind of code along. The flow is as follows:

  • Pick Documents from Files
  • Adding Documents to Local
  • Adding Documents to iCloud
  • Integrating Document Handlers with ViewModel
  • Preview Documents
  • SwiftUI Views
  • Demo

Pick Documents from Files

Files such as…

WWDC is a favourite week for iOS Developers which brings huge advancements to APIs used by them in regular life. Apple also released beta versions of iOS, iPadOS, watchOS, tvOS and MacOS

But the advancements is for a year not just for one week. The sessions came online this week…

Sai Durga Mahesh

Using Data Science to provide better solutions to real word problems

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